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Every business has a beginning, Gulugal Marketing was created after years working in the marketing industry and sales, hearing thousands of business owners sharing their stories. The constant sales calls, the lies, miss-leading empty promises, so many people taken advantage of for trusting the “experts’. I wanted to open a company to represent what real marketing is. The real “experts” showing people how it honestly works. Having personal relationships from beginning to end. Educating my clients on everything they currently have, and offering them what they really need. Asking the right questions, not just a quick fix sale. Building trust where it has been broken. Not holding people to contracts treating our clients like we would like to be treated. This business model has given us amazing clients who are so loyal and willing to share their success stories refering us anytime someone new comes along. Making our network feel like family.

Ana Whitaker
Founder & CEO

Marketing is my passion, helping people grow their business and seeing them succeed has been my greatest career accomplishment.

Lets talk, I will personally analyze and strategize moving in the direction you have always dreamed of. No more smoked mirrors we believe in 100% transparency! No anchor down contracts, you stay only because it’s the progress you need for your business!